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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 05:44

AIPAC, Symbol of Zionist Influence in US Government

AIPAC, Symbol of Zionist Influence in US Government

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee known as AIPAC held its annual conference in Washington and the remarks made in the conference once again proved the influence of the Zionists over the US government.

Like the previous years, in this year’s conference, a number of top US officials delivered speeches. US vice-president Joe Biden was the highest official who took part in AIPAC conference.

What topped this year’s AIPAC speeches was again confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. In support for the Zionist regime, the Christian Zionists of the US try to falsify Iran's peaceful nuclear program to increase US hostility towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. US Vice-president once again told AIPAC that military option is still on the table to prevent Iran from obtaining a “nuclear weapon.” The influence of the Zionist lobby on the US government is to the extent that the most important concern among politicians is the rivalry for attracting the Zionists. In view of this, the AIPAC meeting was again characterized by anti-Iran remarks and a plan that necessitates support for the Zionist regime in case of attack the Islamic republic of Iran. The republican senator Lindsey Graham and the democrat senator Robert Menendez as the designers of the plan announced that if Israel is forced to take military action, the US should stand beside it by extending military and diplomatic support. Graham said the plan is not a green light to Israel for attacking Iran; yet he added, “He tells the world, Iranians and Israelis that if such a day comes, we will be on the side of Israeli government.” Biden ensured the AIPAC members that Obama is not bluffing over Iran military threat. George Town University professor Paul Pillared said the plan means that the US assigns the right of deciding to launch a war which has serious consequences for it. 

When in January, 2009 he entered the White House Barack Obama spoke of US effort for resolving the issue of Palestine and an initiative for preventing the obstructions made by the rightist leaders of the Zionist regime in the process of compromise talks. But two years after the first term of his presidency, he acknowledged his failure in reviving the compromise talks. The Zionist leaders are not willing to abandon construction of settlements in the West Bank of Jordan River and have actually brought the US efforts for reviving the so-called Middle East peace talks to a stalemate. Obama's admission of his failure for reviving the compromise talks showed that it is the American Zionist Jews who express and implement the US policy in the Middle East rather than the US administration. Once the former Zionist premier Ariel Sharon said, “We the Jewish people are controlling the United States and the Americans know it well.” The American Jewish population is estimated to make about 6 million people who comprise less than 2 percent of the entire population of the country, but by setting up several organizations in various fields and linking the interests of America and the illegal Zionist regime the American Jews have turned into one of the most influential groups in the US foreign policy. Influence on the power centers has been set as one of their objectives. Out of the 281 Jewish organizations and their 250 regional unions, the AIPAC is one of the most important Jewish lobbies in the US. AIPAC started its activity from 1950s and declared its objective since the beginning to be attempts for approving laws for supporting Israel. This organization is in charge of coordination and planning for the activity of the US Zionist organizations and fundraising for Israel. Through close ties with some 60 unions it is responsible for creating new channels for the Zionist regime's influence over the US ruling system.  

AIPAC has regional centers throughout the US and the occupied Palestine. The main parts of this organization consist of legislation, foreign policy, political affairs, communication department, department of development and political leadership. The main headquarters of AIPAC is in Washington and this has especially enabled the organization to have convenient access to the power hierarchy in the US. AIPAC elects its members among the Zionist Jews and non-Jews all of whom are unanimous in one thing and that is the unconditional support for Israel and pushing the US foreign policy toward the Zionist regime interests. Every year AIPAC holds a conference in which it determines the general policy of the Zionist lobby in the US government. This strategy is accompanied with various meetings and educational programs making an appropriate atmosphere for training members and acquainting them with Lobbying Process. New York Times considers AIPAC as the most effective organization on US-Israel relations. Michigan University professor of history Juan Cole in an article titled AIPAC Overt and Covert Operation writes, “Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a wing of AIPAC is very influential in US policies. The personnel of US State Department and army are dispatched to the institute for acquiring the Middle East issues. They learn much more things than any Israeli University, for, most of its Israeli professors are professional and the institute is actually a center for the thinkers who are in the service of this ideology.”

Elsewhere in the article, Cole writes that none of senators or congressmen dares to deliver speech to criticize Israeli policies even in the cases that Israel violates the international laws and the UN Security Council resolutions. If in rare cases, a congressman protests to Israel's aggression and oppression, in the next round of elections, he will be hindered from finding way to the Congress due to AIPAC financial investment on his rival. AIPAC has several times shaped the US Congress in this way and has done it so successfully that no one dares to oppose it.

The Zionist Jews are influential not only in the US government but they are very powerful in economic, academic and art fields. About half of the US billionaires are Jews. The managing directors of 3 big TV networks and managers of 4 US main film-making huge studios are Jews. The owners of the most effective US dailies are also Jews. Jonathan Goldberg writes, “In key parts of media especially among the managers of Hollywood studios, the Jews enjoy such a power that it should be named a Jewish industry.” Jewish professors of the US universities have had a deep impact on shaping the Americans’ views. The biased Jewish oriented viewpoint cannot be seen in any incident as much as holocaust. The influence of the Zionist Jews on the US government has become a challenge for the US government and nation.

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