Kerry, calling Israeli regime’s crimes as appropriate, legitimate

IRIB English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard has interviewed Ann Wright, former US State Department diplomat and also former colonel of the US army, on the on recent statements made by US Secretary of State John Kerry who said that Israeli regime’s crimes against Gazans are appropriate and legitimate. Please take …

UN report: US, UK surveillance programs violate international law

A report released by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) Navi Pillay, “The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age”, finds that surveillance practices carried out by the major powers, the United States and the United Kingdom, in particular, violate basic principles of international law and are destructive …

The assault on Gaza: A historic crime

At least 100 Palestinians were martyred Sunday as the Zionist regime of Israel escalated its savage land, sea and air attack on Gaza.

Rouhani expresses outrage at Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday expressed outrage at Zionist regime’s crimes against humanity in Gaza and the silence of the international community. According to Iran Daily, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran, President Rouhani said Iranian government and Foreign Ministry will draw the attention of the international community to what …

Spiritual Spring (25)

In the Name of God, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful__Salaam friends, and today on the 25th day of the blessed month of Ramadhan, we start our daily programme titled “Spiritual Spring” with the special supplication for the day in Arabic, followed by its English translation: “O Allah, appoint me this day …

Iran Your Attractive Destination (124)

As a reminder, previously we traveled to Lorestan Province in western Iran and became familiar with the natural and geographical regions of this province. Today, we pay a visit to the Capital of Lorestan Province, the city of Khoramabad.

Israeli’s days surely numbered

Despite its huge American-backed military and media firepower, the Israeli regime is all but defeated. The Western-sponsored Zionist entity has lost militarily and morally in the eyes of the world as it pounds mercilessly the besieged civilian population of Gaza.

US lost $175 billion in export revenue due to Iran sanctions: Report

US economic sanctions on Iran have caused America to incur heavy financial losses, a new report shows.