US-led front for regime change (1)

Finian Cunningham, well-known Irish columnist who writes on international politics for Press TV and the Strategic Culture Foundation, has just written an interesting article on the real US and western intention of forging a coalition and dispatching troops to the Middle East. The first part of his article is as …

West’s sanctions against Moscow

Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard with Tighe Barry, an activist with “Code Pink” based in Washington D-C about Western countries’ sanctions against Moscow.

Zionist leader's anti-Iran allegations

The Zionist premier Benjamin Netanyahu, in a show-off at the UN General Assembly, tried to resort to hollow allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Netanyahu's Monday speech at the UN was delivered with the aim of diverting attentions from his recent crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Iran MPs denounce Cameron’s allegations, hail Rouhani for UN remarks

Iranian lawmakers strongly condemned British prime minister’s recent allegations against the Islamic Republic in which he charged Iran with harboring terrorism. According to Iran Daily, in his address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday night, David Cameron claimed that “Iran’s support for terrorist organizations” needs to change.

Iran Your Attractive Destination (135)

As a reminder, in previous episodes, we became familiar with Semnan Province, which nestles on northeastern Iran, and a number of its cities. Now, we introduce the city of Garmsar. The city of Garmsar is situated in the rear western corner of Semnan Province, and covers an area of more …

Arming ‘moderate’ terrorists will fail

Some few days ago, US Congress overwhelmingly approved an Obama administration request for authorization to train and arm “rebel” forces in Syria fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad.  According to the US administration, a rebel force of 5,000 fighters should be able to fight against both the Assad government …

US Prepares for “Generational” War in the Middle East

The following is an article written by Peter Symonds, a regular contributor to World Socialist Website and, on the prolonged war that the US regime imminent war in the Middle East is going to be.

This was Gaza (4)

Production of electricity in recent decades has been one of the serious challenges in Gaza. Gaza has just one power plant which lost its fuel reserves in the recent Israeli attacks. Even when it was functioning, the power plant could not meet the need of Gaza Strip.