US delegation in Cairo

A US delegation led by Paul Grove head of Senate Finance Committee arrived in Cairo to talk with the Egyptian interim government on the developments of the country and the upcoming presidential election. News resources have announced that one of the aims of the American delegation's trip to Cairo is …

Appalling wave of violence in Iraq in the current year

Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard with James Jennings, president of "Conscience International “and executive director of “US Academics against War” on appalling wave of violence in Iraq in the current year.

Iran-India transit corridor

India’s dream of connecting to Afghanistan via Iran could soon move a step closer to reality, if New Delhi, Tehran and Kabul sign off on a draft memorandum of understanding on transit trade that has been finalized recently. According to Iran Daily, since Pakistan denies India overland access to Afghanistan, …

Remarkable secrets of stones (1)

Many consider stones as unimportant objects, and only attach importance to precious stones and gems, solely for sake of their beauty. However, stones and gems maintain astonishing benefits, in addition to their ornamental aspects. The fact of the matter is that none of the creations of God Almighty have been …

Deflating the American bully

Following is a thought-provoking article written by Brett Redmayne-Titley.  Visiting over fifty counties over four decades Brett Redmayne-Titley has seen the world slowly destroyed by greed, capitalism and empire Brett has taken up his pen to tell the truth about important stories.

‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’

One of America's best-known critics of the War on so-called Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett has written an interesting analysis of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airline, without any trace, en route to China from Kuala Lumpur. He thinks the reported call from Flight MH370 could help expose cover up …

MI6, the CIA and Turkey's rogue game in Syria

New and dangerous facts are coming to light in Syria, where according to British Journalist, Patrick Cockburn, Turkey is playing a rogue game along with the notorious spying agencies – Britain's MI 6 and the US CIA.

Iranian orchards; a blend of prudence and beauty (15)

As in previous articles, we continue to introduce the most beautiful Iranian orchards. Today, we become familiar with Pahlavan-Pour Orchard in Yazd Province, central Iran, and ‘Cheshmeh Belqais’ Orchard, four kilometers away from the city of Choram.