UK police arrest two suspects over Syria-linked terrorism

Police in the United Kingdom say they have arrested a woman and a man in London over suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offenses. IRIB English Radio correspondent Morteza Jabbari has interviewed Abdul Rahman Glen Spark, a member of Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, about this issue. Please take a listen.

US officials refuse to abolish practice of torture

Human Rights Watch, in a report, has announced that although the US joined the International Convention against Torture twenty years ago, there are mounting concerns over the lingering practice of torture in the US. This convention has urged all world countries to make efforts to prevent the practice of torture.

Bahraini regime hell-bent on vote-rigging

Aale Khalifa regime has enlisted tens of thousands of foreigners, who have been granted Bahraini citizenship, among those, eligible for casting their votes in this country’s parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, Majid Millad, a senior member of the Bahraini opposition group, Al-Wefaq, addressing the reporters in a press conference, pointed out based …

Rights of religious minorities in Iran (2)

Iranian society consists of followers of monotheist religions and the religious minorities enjoy due respect among Muslim majority. For the past centuries Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians have been the main non-Muslim Iranians who live beside their Muslim fellow countrymen in peace and tranquility.

Iran Your Attractive Destination (140)

As a reminder, we became familiar with the geographical position and the nature of Baluchestan region. Today, we get to know Baluch people. Baluch people are broad-minded, honest, courageous, and hardworking. They are also highly resilient and patient, and lead simple lives. They are uniquely patient in the face of …

The United States, an Inside View (39)

The killing of another black teenager by the US police led to holding rallies in protest of the violent and discriminatory behavior of the security forces of the country. Although these rallies were not as wide as the case of Michael Brown, the demonstrators denounced discriminatory approach targeted mainly at …

This war is not aimed at ISIS, but at Assad

Dan Glazebrook is a political journalist and author of Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis. He has recently penned an article entitled, ‘This War is Not Aimed at ISIS, But at Assad’. Excerpt of his article is as follows:

This was Gaza (4)

Production of electricity in recent decades has been one of the serious challenges in Gaza. Gaza has just one power plant which lost its fuel reserves in the recent Israeli attacks. Even when it was functioning, the power plant could not meet the need of Gaza Strip.