Moscow says it is deeply concerned about reports of casualties in eastern Ukraine

Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard with Robert Bechert; coordinator of “Committee for a Worker’s International” based in London about Moscow saying it is deeply concerned about reports of casualties in eastern Ukraine.

Bahrain: opposition crackdown via bogus allegations

Some of the Bahraini authorities have resorted to spurious scenarios to accuse Iran of meddling in the unrest of the country. Relying on what they call "the confessions of some Bahraini citizens", the security sources of Bahrain claim that the protesters have got necessary trainings for terrorist measures from Iran.

Resistance Economy, Parameters and Necessities

An active and dynamic economy is an indication of growth and progress in societies to the extent that a flourishing economy plays a determining role in the power and endurance of a nation. For this reason, the big powers always resort to economic sanction as a tool for exerting pressure …

What Iran Really Wants: Iranian Foreign Policy in the Rouhani Era

The following is an essay by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif for the Journal Foreign Affairs regarding Iran and world’s foreign policy as a critical component in the lives, conduct and governance of all nation-states.

Condoleezza Rice is all wrong on Ukraine crisis

The West and Russia remain divided over eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian protesters keep occupying key government buildings. They have refused to recognize the recent Geneva accord, renewing their calls for a referendum. Tensions between the Western powers and Moscow heightened after Crimea declared independence from Ukraine and formally applied to …

Iranian orchards, a blend of prudence and beauty (16)

As a reminder, in previous articles, we introduced the most beautiful orchards in Iran. Today, we make you familiar with Melli, Baghche Joq, and Fathabad orchards, which are situated in East Azarbaijan Province.

‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’

One of America's best-known critics of the War on so-called Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett has written an interesting analysis of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airline, without any trace, en route to China from Kuala Lumpur. He thinks the reported call from Flight MH370 could help expose cover up …

MI6, the CIA and Turkey's rogue game in Syria

New and dangerous facts are coming to light in Syria, where according to British Journalist, Patrick Cockburn, Turkey is playing a rogue game along with the notorious spying agencies – Britain's MI 6 and the US CIA.